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Gayarre Conference 2024

Tuesday, April 2, 2024
R.W. Norton Art Gallery


to the following students selected to present their original historical research papers at the 12th Annual Gayarre Conference! 


Please submit your completed paper HERE by Sunday, March 24. 
If you are using presentation slides, please submit them HERE

​​Congratulations! Your proposal has been selected for presentation at the 12th Annual Gayarre Conference to be held at the R.W. Norton Art Gallery on Tuesday, April 2, 2024 from 8am-4:00pm. 

If you are unable to attend on that day, please let me know ASAP. 

Please feel free to invite those who might be interested in hearing your paper to come to the conference. It is free and open to the public. 

You should complete your research paper and submit it on our website (  no later than Sunday, March 24  for review. Your research paper should adhere to a traditional writing and citation style (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.) and should include citations of both primary and secondary research.  There is no specific length requirement, but your paper should contain enough content for you to present for 7-9 minutes. Most presenters cover around 1 page of content per minute.

It is likely that you have never attended an academic conference so you might have questions about how to present. Here is a quick run-down of how this conference works: You will be placed on a panel of 3-5 conference presenters whose papers have a common theme or approach. Panel chairs (Gayarre Executive officers) will introduce each speaker using the bio you included, followed by you presenting your paper. You may read your paper or speak from note cards or speak extemporaneously. That is up to you. After all of the panelists have presented, there will be 10-15 minutes of open Q&A from the audience. They might ask you specific questions about your topic, or how it relates to the other topics. You do NOT have to know the answer. We are opening intellectual discussion and not knowing something just gives us the opportunity to think about it and continue our research. The panel chair might have some prepared questions as well. I encourage you to read the following articles about conference papers and to even look up past conference presentations on youtube or TED to get a feel for how you want to present. 


Here are some links that can give you some great information about the format of the conference and general tips for presenting: 

2016 Gayarre Conference Videos

How to Give an Effective Conference Paper 

Conference Papers- UNC 


As we approach the date of the conference, I will post a tentative schedule with your panel assignments and presentation times. If you have potential scheduling conflicts, please let me know ASAP. 


There will be audio/visual equipment available at the conference if you choose to use it for your presentation. You are not required to have a visual presentation, but if you would like to use one to supplement your oral presentation, please let us know what equipment you will need when you submit your paper.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask them of your instructor or email OR  We are so excited for this academic conference and applaud your effort to participate and expand not only your knowledge and experience, but that of your classmates and community.

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